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A Short List of Sustainability Books by Author

Topic  Author  Title
Social justice Agyeman, Julian et al. Sustainable Communities and the Challenge of Environmental Justice
Social justice Agyeman, Julian et al. Just Sustainabilities: Development in an Unequal World
Spirtualism in Sustainability Anderson, Ray Mid Course Correction
Community development, Economics Anielski, Mark Economics of Happiness, The
Implementation Atkisson, Alan ISIS Agreement, The
Spirtualism in Sustainability Atkisson, Alan Believing Cassandra: An optimist looks at a pessimist's world
Life cycle assessment Baumann & Tillman Hitchhikers Guide to LCA
Climate change Bayon, R.,  Hawn, A., &  Hamilton, K. Voluntary Carbon Markets 
Design for Environment Benyus, Janine Biomimicry
Spirtualism in Sustainability Berry, Thomas Great Work: Our way into the future
Corporate Sustainability Blackburn, William Sustainability Handbook, The: The complete guide to achieving social, economic and environmental responsibility
Social change, urbanization, development Buchanan, Mark Ubiquity: The Science of History … or Why the World is Simpler than we think
Economics Cairncross Costing the Earth
Social change, urbanization, development Capra, F. Hidden Connections: A science for Sustinable Living
Ecological systems, toxics Carson, Rachel Silent Spring
Corporate Sustainability Chappell, Tom Soul of a Business, The
Sustainability in Academics Creighton Greening the Ivory Tower
Sustainability in Business Culbert, Samuel A. Radical Management
Social change, urbanization, development Deutschman, Alan Change or Die
Social change, urbanization, development Diamond, Jared Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed
Social change, urbanization, development Diamond, Jared Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
Sustainable Development Doppelt, B. Leading Change Toward Sustainability: A change-management guide for business, government and civil society
Governance Dunphy et al. Corporate Governance and Sustainability: Challenges for Theory and Practice
Corporate Sustainability Dunphy et al. Organizational Change for Corporate Sustainability
Sustainable development Easterbrook, G. The Progress Paradox: How life gets better while people feel worse. 
Contrarian views in environmentalism Easterbrook, Gregg A Moment on Earlth
Sustainable Development Edwards, A. Sustainability Revolution: Portrait of a Pradigm Shift
Sustainability in Business Ehrenfeld, J. Sustainability by Design
Social justice (in developed nations) Eisler, R. Real Wealth of Nations, The
Corporate Sustainability Elkington, John Cannibals with Forks: The triple bottom line of 21st century business
Implementation Epstein, M. Making Sustainability Work: Best Practices in Managing and Measuring Corporate Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts
Corporate strategy Esty, D.  and Winston, A. Green to Gold
Climate change Flannery, T. Weather Makers, The: how man is changing the climate and what it means for life on earth
Corporate Sustainability Fullan, Michael Leadership and Sustainability:System Thinkers in Action
Design for Environment Fussler Driving Eco-Innovation, Fussler
Corporate Sustainability Galea, C. (Ed) Teaching Business Sustainability: Cases, Simulations and Experiential Approaches
Social change, urbanization, development Gladwell, M. Blink! The Power of Thinking without Thinking
Social change Gladwell, M. Tipping Point, The
Industrial Ecology Goleman, D. Ecological Intelligence
Sustainable Development Gore, A. Earth in the Balance (2nd edition)
Life cycle assessment Graedel, T. Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment 
Community development Hallsmith, Gwendolyn Key to Sustainable Cities, The
Sustainable Development Hargroves, K. & Smith, M. Natural Advantage of Nations 
Climate change Hartmann, T. The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight: Revised and Updated: The Fate of the World and What We Can Do Before It's Too Late 
Social change Hawken, P. Blessed Unrest
Economics Hawken, P. Ecology of Commerce
Economics Hawkins, P, Lovins, A. & Lovins, L.H. Natural Capitalism
Social change, marketing Heath, C. & Heath, D. Made to Stick
Climate change Hillman, M. et al. Suicidal Planet, The
Social change, urbanization, development Hiss, T. Experience of Place, The: A new way of looking at and dealing with our radically changing cities and countryside
Implementation Hitchcock, D.  & Willard, M Business Guide to Sustainability, The
Implementation Hitchcock, D. & Willard, M. Step by Step Guide to Sustainability Planning, The
Corporate Sustainability Hoffman, A. Competitive Environmental Strategy
Corporate Sustainability Hollender, J. What Matters Most
Corporate Sustainability Holliday, C., Schmidheiny, S., Watts, P. Walking the Talk: the business case for sustainable development
Social change, civilizations Homer-Dixon, T. Upside of Down, The
Social change Kasser, T.  High Price of Materialism, The
Design for Environment Keeney, R. Value Focused Thinking: A path to Creative Decision-making
Corporate Sustainability Kiuchi, Tachi and Shireman, Bill What We Learned in the Rainforest: Business Lessons from nature
Climate change Krupp, F.  and Horn, M. Earth, The Sequel
Social change, urbanization, development Kurlansky, M. Cod: A biography of the fish that changed the world
Economics Landes, D. S. Wealth and Poverty of Nations
Implementation Laszlo Sustainable Company, The
Design for environment Lewis, H. & Gertsakis, J. Design + Environment 
Contrarian views in environmentalism Lomborg, B. Skeptical Environmentalist, The
Climate change Lovelock, J. Revenge of Gaia
Spirtualism in Sustainability Luce, E. In Spite of the Gods
Design for environment McDonough, W. & Braungart, M Cradle to Cradle
Social change? McKenzie-Mohr, D & Smith, W Fostering Sustainable Behavior 
Sustainable Development Meadows, D et al. Limits to Growth, The
Sustainable Development Meadows, D. et al. Beyond the Limits
Climate change Monbiot, G.  Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning
Social movements Moyer, B. Doing Democracy
Community development Muir, D. Reflections in Bullough's Pond: Economy and Ecosystem in New England
Corporate Sustainability Nattrass, B. & Altomare, M. Dancing with the Tiger, 
Climate change Pearce, F With Speed and Violence
Business strategy, technology, investments Pernick, R. & Wilder, C Clean Tech Revolution
Economics Porritt, J. Capitalism as if the World Matters
Social entrepreneurship (underdeveloped nations) Prahalad, CK Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, The
Spirtualism in Sustainability Quinn, D. Ishmael:An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit
Sustainability in Academics Rappaport and Creighton Degrees that Matter
Economics Rifkin Hydrogen Economy
Community development Rocky Mountain Institute Economic Renewal Handbook 
Corporate Sustainability Romm, J. Cool Companies: How the Best Businesses Boost Profits and Productivity by Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Community development Roseland, M. Towards Sustainable Communities 
Design for Environment Roszak, T. Voice of the Earth
Social change, urbanization, development Russell, P. Waking up in Time: Finding Inner Peace in Times of Accelerating Change
Corporate Sustainability Schaltegger & Wagner (eds.) Managing the Business Case for Sustainability: the integration of social, environmental and economic performance
Corporate Sustainability Schaltegger, Bennett & Burritt (eds.) Sustainability Reporting and Accounting
Chemicals/toxics Schapiro, M. Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products
Change management Scharmer, O. Theory U 
Sustainability in Business Schendler, A. Getting Green Done
Economics Schumacher, E.F. Small is Beautiful
Social change, urbanization, development Schwartz, P. Art of the Long View:Planning for the Future in an Uncertain World
Sustainability in Academics Senge et al. Learning for Sustainability
Change management Senge, P.,  Scharmer, C.O.,  Jaworski, J. & Fflower, B. Presence: Exploring Profound Change in People, Organizaitons, and Society
Change management Senge, P.,  Smith, B.,  Kruschwitz, N.,  Laur, J., and  Schley, S.  Necessary Revolution, The
Sustainability in Business Senge, Peter M. 5th Discipline
Social change, urbanization, development Shutkin, W. Land that Could Be, The: Environmentalism and Democracy in the Twenty-First Century
Social change, urbanization, development Vitek, B. and Jackson, W. The Virtues of Ignorance: Complexity, Sustainability, and the Limits of Knowledge
Design for Environment Vogel, S. Cats' Paws and Catapults: Mechanical Worlds of Nature and People 
Developing nations, social design, low-tech engineering Weisman, A. Gaviotas: A village to reinvent the world
Corporate strategy, business case Willard, B. Sustainability Advantage
Corporate strategy, business case Willard, B. & Lovins Next Sustainability Wave, The
Risk and sustainability Wilson & Crouch Risk-Benefit Analysis
Sustainable Development Wilson, E. O. Consilience
Social change, urbanization, development World Watch Institute State of the World 
Green building Yudelson, J. Green Building Revolution, The