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Carbon Management Services

We offer the following carbon management services to help you to Assess, Quantify, Manage and Reduce your enterprise and product level carbon footprint:

Carbon Audit, Risk & Opportunities Assessment - With our carbon audit, risk & opportunities assessment we can help you to identify the hot spots, prioritize your management strategy, and help you to make the business case to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Enterprise Carbon Inventory
- We offer enterprise carbon inventory calculations for the major voluntary and mandatory reporting protocols:

  • The Climate Registry
  • The Carbon Disclosure Project

Product Carbon Footprint - We offer product level carbon footprinting capabilities in conformance with the Carbon Disclosure Project supply chain protocols, and the WRI/WBCSD protocols.

Carbon Management Accounting System - We can help you get on the right carbon accounting track by providing a framework to implement your own carbon management system.  

Carbon and Energy Mitigation - Carbon bean counting alone doesn't reduce your footprint.  We can help you develop the carbon mitigation implementation strategy through marginal abatement cost analysis.