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Dr. Gloria lectures at the Harvard Extension School on topics of Sustainability and Mixed Method Research.


Abstract Text:
A bill of materials (BOM) is a list of raw materials, assemblies, components, and quantities needed to manufacturer an end product. There are many different versions of a BOM in the building material market among different product sectors and supply chains. In this session industry experts discuss the challenges facing the manufacturing industry as demand for transparency through EPDs and HPDs increases. Topics will include how to define a product as well as what different disclosure mechanisms can and cannot tell you about a product.

Learning Objectives:
Give a basic overview of what Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and Health Product Declarations (HPD) are and why they are important.

Explain the limitations of different types of transparency systems, such as EPDs and HPDs.

Describe how manufacturers along the supply can use transparency tools to communicate critical information.

Define a product within LEED and within the wider building materials market.